Saturday, February 28, 2009

Human Sync Animation

This line was taken from Talladega Nights. Took me a lonnnng time. I wished I spent more time working out the character design before animating. I ran into so many problems with the design of the character. ANASLKLSKDJL!!!!!!! But I learned a valuable lesson...and that is to never start animating unless your 200% sure you like the design of your character. Hopefully my next project will be more successful then this one. =(

Friday, February 27, 2009

Panning Background Assignment

BG - Background UL - Underlay
OL - Overlay EOL - Extreme Overlay

The animation really didn't go with the pan. It seemed alright when I was putting it together a few nights ago...but I'll probably fix the problem and repost this video in its respectful form....sooooon. Just posting so some of you could see how it looks in motion.=)
(just blur your eyes so you can't see the animation)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lip Sync Animation

Lip sync animation to the line "I thought I told you never to interupt me while I'm working!"

Title Page for New Portfolio....Mmmaybe

I'm currently working on a new portfolio to get me an internship at an animation studio for the summer. But the process has been slow due to the amount of school work. This first attempt for a title page was more of an experiment then a final piece. I don't like how I have this huge cloud blocking everything on the bottom...and the colours I chose are kinda ugly. I DO like the out of focus scribbles and the focused scribbles around the cloud....prob going to keep that effect for the next attempt.