Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Night Light?!

So I recently just finished my co op placement at Pipeline Studios. It was a great experience and I definitely learned a lot about how this industry works. Now I have more time to relax and get my 4th year film up and running. I'm still not happy with the character design I posted a few weeks ago. I realized it took me too long to draw him in various poses. I decided to take a break from character design and work on a couple of layouts.

The telescope will be added later! I'm putting extra time on it to make it look really unique.
The title "Nuit Lumiere" was just kind of placed there without thought. Its french for night light which plays a role in my film. I just thought the french version of night light sounds really cool. Any word in another language sounds better.

We'll see what happens. I might just change everything again.