Wednesday, May 20, 2009

4th Year Film Idea

Here is one idea I have for my 4th year film. Its about this really old guy who wants to get to the moon. I'm not going to say much about it...but I will post a drawing every now and then. =)
I've been experimenting with some of the different effects in photoshop. I really like how the clouds turned out...BUT...I'm not a fan of the ground.


JuYoung "JY" Chai said...

yes the ground is hideous timmy lol
The man's gotta have a friend. Perhaps a dog or annoying neighbor boy who ends up traveling with him. Opps that's UP lol

Timothy Chan said... caught me
Thats where I got my idea..yikes!
Looks like I still got to do a lot more brainstorming.

Lwang said...

Hehe I like the clouds too :) brainstorming of 4th year film already? :O

Lee said...

i like the ground =>