Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Junk Yard - Another Possible 4th Year Film

I had this idea about a garbage man finding something magical in his garbage dump. This film would be incredibly hard to make because the layouts would be too hard to draw. I found that most of the time spent was drawing and colouring the small pieces of garbage in the dump piles. Maybe it be a film I'd like to make after school. =)


JuYoung "JY" Chai said...

cool! like a human wall-e!
lol I'm NOT saying you're copying

Timothy Chan said...

LOL...no worries
pixar took all the great ideas =(

Lee said...

you don't have to paint in every detail

having a few items in detail will automatically allow the eye to fill in the rest of the garbage with random strokes or paint(but following shadow forms and colour)

maybe look at some concept arts of futuristic landscapes/cities, if you can look close enough, only few forms are fleshed out and most are just scribbles, but if you never pay that much close attention you'll never notice. Dont look at matte paintings though lol, those are filled with accurate things >)

really good idea for a film though =>

Timothy Chan said...

Thanks for the awesome advice lee. I'll keep that in mind next time around. That would definetely speed the process.