Monday, December 7, 2009

Lately I've been juggling a few projects in school. This is the one thats been taking up a majority of my time. Its going to be first piece for my demo reel. I want to make extra sure its perfect.


Lee said...

looking great tim. cool character and very smooth. Just the last part right before his fall onto the toilet seat is a bit weird

Timothy Chan said...

i agree
its the one area i haven't cleaned up yet...i dunno what to dooooooooooo!!!

Jeffrey Cheung said...

Nice traditional animating man! Him rolling under the roll and flying to the seat is weird, just the flying part. Seems held for too long, should be quicker from pose to pose. Pose1 being rolling out, Pose2 being slamming into the seat cover. My thoughts!
Your thinking character is much much better now!

Hobbz Chan said...

hmm.. i dont like it.