Friday, September 10, 2010

4th Year Film Storyboards

Some areas need to be tweaked but I thought I'd share what I got.
Man looks through telescope.
Cloud blocks telescope.
Man grabs vacum cleaner.
Man sucks cloud up.
Cloud gets stuck.
Man beats cloud with a stick.
Water from cloud creates a lake.
Stars from the sky reflect of the lake creating the feeling of space.

Any helpful critiques would be awesome. =)

Garra Rufa (Doctor Fish)

I think enough time has past to finally post this on my blog.
I had so much fun making this film! I wish we had an extra year in college to do a second group film.

I was hesitant to post this earlier because we were planning to enter it into a bunch of film festivals. Some festivals don't accept submissions that have been posted on the web. In the end we only entered it into two film competitions.

Currently our film has made it into the finalist round for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Truthfully I don't really care if we win, I'm just so happy we made it this far.