Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Online Portfolio Website

So school's finished and now I'm looking for work. I've spent the past month working on my portfolio website and applying to jobs.
I understand that its still early and that I've just graduated, but I still feel unprepared to work in this industry. Most of the job postings are for 3D artist and I've spent the past 4 years trying to become a better 2D artist. The program taught us 3D but that was only for a semester or two. They taught us the basics hoping that we would pick it up afterwards to learn the more difficult aspects on our own. I was one of the many that believed if we had a strong 2D portfolio, we could land a job in a 3D studio that would teach us how to use the software. The reality is a studio would much rather hire someone who knows the software.
So anyways, I've decided to take the gaming program at Seneca college! In the meantime, I'm looking for freelance positions to keep me busy over the summer.

Check out my new online portfolio!

Feel free to contact me at


titus said...

You should change your DP.
Some people might think you like to cosplay aladin :D

Lee said...

haha Titus

Well don't forget us 2d artists in the future =)

Timothy Chan said...

nah i'll never forget 2D! its in ma blood! but i need to find a job LOL and 2D isn't going to cut it for me….YOU lee tao…you got this…but for me…at mediocre level….i can't make it!!!
i'll continue working on my 2D but also learning 3D to pay the bills
Maybe i'll enjoy 3D more…i dunno whats going to happen

Derek Fong said...

good luck with your study!!!

Adriana Pucciano said...

Looks wicked, Tim! Love it!

alice cool said...

You are good! I believe that having a great 2D skill is very important than anything! So you can later on transfer your idea into a 3D form. Softwares can be learnt easily, but to be an artist is something you have to be trained for years and years and it all depends on how hard you work and your natural talent! So, keep it up! Like your work!